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IMI-Approved Training and Assessments

We are an IMI approved training and assessment centre specialising in MOT tester (Class 1,2,4 & 7) MOT Manager (AE/AEDM) and MOT annual refresher training (CPD) alongside IMI Light Vehicle Inspection Technician ATA

One to One Training

All MOT tester training courses are available one to one to give the candidate full attention and support throughout the training and assessments

On-Site or Off-Site

Training for classes 1,2,4 & 7 are delivered on site so that technicians are learning on the equipment they will be testing on (off site available)

Technician Focused Training

All MOT Training up to and including the Testers Course is tailored towards the technician and garages needs to save garage downtime

Matt Holmes, Founder

Matt has more than 22 years trade experience through Mitsubishi, Peugeot and Mercedes Benz. He founded Develop Automotive in 2015, with the desire to provide technical training to the motor trade in a different and more effective manner than that of traditional methods. To date, Matt has trained and assessed more than 600 technicians in the UK and Ireland.

Some of our reviews

“What Matt doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing! I had a fantastic days training and definitely worth it. The quality of the courses are so high.

- Jordan Kendal, Dersingham

“I followed Matt’s routine and the DVSA passed me first time. They said my routine and training was 100% perfect! Thank you Matt.”

- Sam Crane, Peterborough

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you DVSA approved?

“We are an IMI approved training centre and all our IMI MOT training courses are recognised by the DVSA as part of becoming a tester or an MOT station manager (AE/AEDM)”

The reason for the above is technically the DVSA don’t offer training anymore so no one is “approved” although it’s banded about it’s not actually technically correct, the qualifications are recognised and accepted by the DVSA though, also the one day and half day training courses are not connected to the DVSA/IMI MOT courses they are connected to the IMI Light Vehicle Inspection Technician (ATA) course.

Do you give Free Consultations?

Yes, Develop Automotive provides bespoke technical training with a free consultation to each garage to make sure the garage and technicians get the right training for their needs and strengthen their weaker areas.

Can you offer One to One Training at my garage?

Yes, most courses are one to one and MOT courses on-site at your garage. The candidate learns on the equipment they will be testing on when qualified. No other IMI MOT approved trainer in the country offers this approach.

Is there a Re-Test Fee if we fail a course?

No, I give a personal ‘no re-test fee guarantee’. There should be no reason a candidate should fail one of our courses, but if they did then there is no charge for a re-sit of the course exams.

Why Develop Automotive?

We were one of the first centres in the country to adopt MOT tester training in 2015 when it began and one of the few that offer all areas from the ground up for all MOT classes.

We have over 10 years technical training experience across the country, from the Lake District to London, and from Cork to Norwich. We have trained more than 600 technicians from main dealers: Audi, BMW, VW, Ford, Honda and Suzuki aswell as independent garages and custom courses for specialist companies in the trade. This was done as an independent training company, also on behalf of Bosch, Delphi & TRW. We’ve trained Snap-On in Cork and Kings Lynn on Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Lincolnshire Police accident investigation team on safety, braking and steering systems. Trainer training of college staff and delivering MOT training on behalf of colleges.

We have a 100% pass record in all areas to date and with our no retest fee policy you know you’ll get the best from your training with us with this kind of background.

How much does the training cost?

As courses are delivered on a needs and requirements basis and tailored to the candidate and their garage not just “selling courses” We have an initial discussion to find the best time and financially cost effective package that works for the candidate and the garage to get the most from the training, targeting training based on actual needs, not the normal blanket approach consuming excessive time and money from the garage, we believe in long term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and training at competitive rates.

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